Condensation Cube – Hans Haacke


In the early 1960’s Haacke created several works which explored the interactions between the physical and biological, and the natural processes they undergo. The cube shape was probably influenced by the minimalism movement which was popular around this time. It consists of a Perspex box, sealed and filled with water few centimetres deep. Condensation forms and runs down the sides of the box, changing according to the ambient light and temperature. The work’s appearance depends upon the environment in which it is in, I like the contrast of how the internal environment appears to be independent and completely cut off from the outside world when in fact the outside world changes the inside so vastly.


The water droplets in this work reminds me of some of the things I saw when in Pembroke/ visiting the waterfalls. Where I took several photographs showing dew on grass and moss, or rain droplets forming on the ends of twigs or leaves


Author: Alice Bell

Fine Art Photographer currently based in Cardiff Experience in Wedding, Product, Lifestyle and Event photography - for enquires

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