Trip To Pembrokeshire

For me this project allowed me to step back into a familiar landscape similar to my home in Northern Ireland, after having spent a few weeks in an urban environment again I found it really refreshing to return to the countryside / the sea for a few days. Initially I really struggled with the drawing tasks set during the time, especially the 100 drawings, but once I got into the hang of it, I actually really enjoyed having to look around and find new and interesting things to draw. One main theme which came from these drawings was grass, I had always known I was drawn to grass for some reason but it became quite obsessive during these drawings. When I was analysing these drawings back in the studios I was really surprised by the way I could remember where I was and what was going on when I was doing each of the drawings – how drawings/imagery can unlock memories. So, I feel like I have reestablished a value for drawing and its importance in recording images, that they can be used as a route to something else. but that they themselves can also be enough to be a finished work. I think, like many people, I had got into the habit of drawing from photographs etc. which is OK, but I realise that there is so much which can only be seen when you are actually out in the middle of what you want to draw.

I also really appreciated having new landscapes to photograph whilst on the trip, I think being in a landscape like that it is impossible not to feel inspired in some way by what you see. On returning and joining the smaller photography based workshop, I learnt how to develop ideas gathered from 2D photographs and translate these into 3D forms. I think the experience has made me more confident in my work and less afraid to take risks, I also .


Trip to Neath Valley and Port Talbot 

I have recently been looking into ideas of nature in urban environments and urbanisation, and I think that visiting both these places in the one day really enforced the things I had been reading about. This trip also made me consider the micro  environments which occur in different locations, and the contrasts between the two locations.


In the workshops after the trips I was really intrigued by the different drawing styles of everyone in the group. Students from other courses had such a different way of recording things, and how they focused on different things showing the differences in what they value most. I  found the lecture ‘Framing Landscape’, with John Clarkson very informative, especially learning about the three types of landscape experience – ‘The Sublime’, ‘Phenomenology’, and ‘Economics, Politics and Ecology’. I never really considered that landscapes could be classed under these headings.

Over all, I really enjoyed this project and I think all that I have learnt and experienced has really pushed my work forward and I imagine I will continue working within these themes, doing more drawings outside, and possibly another set of 100 drawings in a new location.


Author: Alice Bell

Fine Art Photographer currently based in Cardiff Experience in Wedding, Product, Lifestyle and Event photography - for enquires

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