My New Understanding of Material Culture and Values.

After having visited Morocco and immersing myself in the rich culture of Marrakesh I feel I now have a much more informed understanding on what the terms material culture and values actually mean and how these differ in Morocco from those in the UK. There were vast differences of culture and values within each of the communities residing in the city, these differences were highlighted as I wandered through the souks by the different approaches the men took to making deals and advertising there various spices, carpets and fruit etc. Without wishing to stereotype the people I came in contact with these are the things I found; the shop owners from the Sahara desert were generally older and took a more private approach to making deals, in never saying prices out loud but working in a system of writing figures down and sharing only with one person – often being quite rude to those who were with the person trying to buy, but the men wanted no interference from anyone else. The Arab shop owners took a much more light hearted approach, by firstly trying to entice you to buy things with charming words and then a lot of playful haggling. Although both ways were equally effective for each vendor I think it just shows how differently the two have experienced life and thus this is shown the values they have towards selling .


Author: Alice Bell

Fine Art Photographer currently based in Cardiff Experience in Wedding, Product, Lifestyle and Event photography - for enquires

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