Personal Statement

The heart of my current work is an exploration on my own love and connection with the nature around me in every day life , in particular my love of wild untamed grasses.

For me grass is not merely an object, plant or a thing. It is a concept; it holds the reality of home,childhood, safety, familiarity and family and so this project has been loosely autobiographical. I have always been drawn to grass, initially to its aesthetics and the way I can interpret it through different mediums. But the more I explore, the more I am discovering that it is the experience of the grass that is significant.

Back home, I am surrounded by grass which can be seen as mundane and humble thing; it has no vibrant flowers, it bares no fruit, it gives no fragrance. Yet it is there, it is present. Just like my home; firstly my house, it has always been there, it houses our family. Home in a sense of my family, they can sometimes seem just an ordinary, humble and an obvious part of my life, yet when I am away from them their significance is brought to my attention. Their existence is all that matters, just like the grass, they are present. In my current student house, there is no grass. It is not present. Perhaps, it is this sense of home that I want to bring into my work. This new life, in my current house is becoming a home, I am bringing my sense of ‘grass’ here and making a new sense of home.

My main medium has always been photography, it has become second nature to me and I never go anywhere without a camera, I am also interested in ideas of bringing nature in from outdoors into different surroundings in order to examine it better – and so my work has taken a more documentary approach in recent days.


Author: Alice Bell

Fine Art Photographer currently based in Cardiff Experience in Wedding, Product, Lifestyle and Event photography - for enquires

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