Reflection of F I E L D

My first Field project this year was ‘Things Behind the Sun’ , which involved a trip to Pembrokshire over a few days and a day trip to the Neath Valley Water Falls and Port Talbot. Both these trips taught me primarily about the landscape and the different ways of recording what I see , but more than this we were discussing what the sublime meant to us. What I found was confirmation that to me wild grass and nature in general is what brings me those feelings, whilst I was there I took photos and I think these captured the things I was feeling quite well . I also began to incorporate natural material into my work from this point and have continued to do so in my studio practice, more recently it has become very important in my work.








I think a lot of people are against the idea of photography in how they think because you aren’t physically doing anything with like drawing then you cant capture how it felt to be in that moment as effectively, but I want to challenge this idea – because to be honest it is so wrong, and I am fed up of hearing it. When I look at the images above in Pembrokshire and those below in Morocco I remember exactly how it felt to be there taking that photo, so I have been inspired to appreciate the images I take more, with the attitude that they are valid and they are art and not just a photo.

The second field project was looking into the Material Culture of Morocco, were we visited Marrakesh for just over a week. This was an incredible experience I learnt so much about the culture of the place and again I took loads of photos which i think accurately depict how I felt whilst there. I think my photos tell a narrative of what myself and the small group I spent time with there felt.  This project has effected my studio practice mainly through the idea that everything can be linked with some sort of story , a line which runs through everything, or a journey. In a physical form I found the electric cables which ran through the city to be a representation of us walking through the city as a group, and these lines can be spotted almost every where.

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I am also more aware of the impact that different lighting and colours can have on the mood/ aesthetic of an environment.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Being in such a busy crowded place made me so much more aware of myself, the way I look, the way I walk , the things I touch and the impact this has on other things. I found myself especially aware when we weer drawing in a garden one day and tourists were literally photographing us as if we were some sort of attraction. This in turn made me consider what it must be like for nature I often photograph it even when its not doing anything out of the ordinary – so this lead me to be more conscious about when i was doing this and made this the focal point in some of my images.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Author: Alice Bell

Fine Art Photographer currently based in Cardiff Experience in Wedding, Product, Lifestyle and Event photography - for enquires

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