The Meaning of The Body; Aesthetics of Human Understanding, by Mark Johnson,

The majority of what the book has to say has the overarching theme on the idea that what we commonly call the mind and what we call the body are not two separate things, instead Johnson believes they are in fact both just parts of the one single process.  The first section of the book – ‘Bodily Meaning and Felt Sense’ and here the author looks at engagement between the body and the world. ‘Life and movement are inextricably connected.’ (Johnson, 2007, p19) – the opening statement of chapter one, although this seems very obvious when stated in this way , it is something that is often forgotten, and movement is not just about making a journey from one space to another or general bodily functions, ‘…through our movements we get “in touch” with or world, taking its human measure.’ (Johnson, 2007, p19) Movement is therefore something which should not be overlooked as if meaningless, but it has so much more which it can tell about the nature of humans and the world around.

  • The book discusses the importance of a sensory experience and how this corresponds with the movement we incorporate in our daily lives

Author: Alice Bell

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