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I found this quite challenging as this was my first ‘real’ exhibition , I didn’t realise how stressful it would be deciding where to mount my work that would best suit it and with a very limited amount of space actually available. I had to be creative with the space available – I ended up mounting my work on the wall at about knee level, at first I wasn’t sure about this but when I thought bout it, it almost made more sense to have them there. The work was supposed to represent running your hand along a hedge so this is the natural height that your hand would fall at the hedge.



In these examples there is a strong connection between the activity of drawing and the memory of the subject. It is a helpful tool for me to make the connection with the place without any actual representation of myself being in that place. I think that this makes it more difficult for me to remember the experience and more difficult for anyone viewing the drawings to understand how I may have felt when doing the drawings.

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Walking Home – Sensory Experience and Memory

When I was back at home in Northern Ireland for Easter I made the same twice a day through fields and along hedgerows, I really enjoyed the evening walk home. The sun has set but it’s not quite dark yet and everything is flooded in a faded blue as the last of the light draws away. When the visual aspect of the moment was lessened I became more aware of my other senses.

I decided to document this journey taking a few photos each night of the experience i had of the hedgerows.

|| F 0 G ||

Since the first field module I have been fascinated with fog, the disruption its causes and just the whole mystery it creates. For me fog is a reminder of how nature is all around us and no matter how hard man tries to prevent this Fog just shows up, creating its own barriers for man (personal struggle being delayed flights ). I love the new horizon that the fog creates , and just totally changes the mood of any scene . It occurs in both rural and urban areas, below are a selection of my favourite photos I have taken in the fog.

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Examination of Material from My Garden

As my project is based on my garden, the interactions there and all the seemingly mundane things that it holds I thought it would be appropriate to extract and examine some of the objects .

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There is a pile of bricks like these in the garden, each is different an interesting in it’s own right – providing a habitat for mosses and insects. I am really interested in the unique shapes of each and the weathered appearance.

2017-03-20 11.13.48 1.jpg

2017-03-20 11.22.39 1.jpg


2017-03-20 11.38.50 1.jpg

This is something I would like to develop further for the future exhibition . I want to create some form of ‘wildness’ in a gallery space. However by using this specific work of tying the leaves together and nailing them to the wall it almost removes the wild from them to make them more appropriate to a gallery space and thus questioning whether it is right to put nature into a gallery space because in a way it is preventing nature to be nature. Perhaps creating a ‘messier’ less contained work would be more effective in bringing fulfilling my ambition to bring a sense of the wildness of nature.



2017-03-20 11.26.56 1.jpg

When I was photographing my work today I also found the relationship between my space and the space on the other side of the wall quite interesting. The contrast in colours and the style of our work was quite striking.




pecha kucha

This was the first time I had used Pecha Kucha as a presentation method, and in the beginning I was quite sceptical and nervous at the prospect of how long I would have to speak. However once I began putting the slides together I really enjoyed the process of selecting the best images and then editing these. The actual presentation was much less stressful than I expected it to be and by the end I had got into the swing of it and didn’t even feel nervous at all – which is a big thing for me. I found it helpful to actually verbalise my ideas and receive feedback from the others in the group. Progressing from this I plan to use and develop my photography from the trip based on the advise I received. If i ever have to give another presentation I will definitely use the Pecha Kucha technique.

R O A T H . G R E E N H O U S E .

2017-02-20 10.15.27 1.jpg

In a recent visit to the green house in Roath Park I was pleasantly surprised by the effects the humid temperature had on my camera. Another example of natures ‘wildness’ fighting back against mans attempt to control it as such. I really like the mystery of this shot, as if the ladder could be going anywhere. I felt very inspired by what I experienced in the greenhouse and as this is essentially a larger version of my perspex box, I think there is alot which I can learn from this to help further my project. I like how the mist gives for a very atmospheric, almost not there kind of feel, I also took a few photos using a disposable camera whilst there and I hope that these might show the condensation in some way too.

2017-02-20 10.26.41 2.jpg

2017-02-20 10.27.38 3.jpg


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